Cunin Exportation
HVAC Engineering, Sanitary works and Industry piping
For further information:
Quartier Ardeb Djoumal,
Rue 2128 concesdion n°60
BP 5083

Lot E2-Ouest Foire

Addis Abeba, Ethiopie

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +33. (0)
Mobile: +33 (0)
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Cunin Exportation takes care of international projects, such as in Chad, Senegal an Ethiopia.
It has different activities such as:
  • Industrial piping
  • Industrial air treatement
  • Industrial locksmith
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Industrial thermal
  • Industrial electricity
  • Process automation
  • Manufacture of automatic power cabinet
  • Mounting
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial and public lighting
  • Design-engineering
  • Construction Rehabilitation


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